Elimisha Kakuma

Elimisha Kakuma is a program that provides access to higher education opportunities for high school graduates in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Students receive intensive academic instruction, exam preparation, mentorship with current college students, and guidance through the college application process. As more refugees gain access to higher education, their long-term life outcomes will be improved and their communities will be strengthened.

Bridging the Education Gap

Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp was established in 1992 with the arrival of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," who were fleeing civil war. What was meant to be a temporary refuge has become a permanent settlement of over 160,000 refugees. In Kakuma, education offers children an escape from a difficult reality. But more importantly, a decent education creates a pathway to opportunities for children and their families. However, as students get older, access to higher education becomes all but unattainable.

Elimisha Kakuma wants to change that.

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A group photo of the Elimisha Kakuma students.

Elimisha Kakuma Co-founder Mary Maker's TED Talk: "Why I fight for the education of refugee girls (like me)"